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Hypnotherapy for panic attacks

Hypnosis for panic attacks is similar to hypnotherapy for anxiety. It aims to access your subconscious and use the power of suggestion to promote positive change. The suggestions used by the hypnotherapist will be tailored to your individual situation, what is causing your panic attacks and why, and working to change the way your body responds to triggers.

What is a panic attack?


If you’ve ever been in a situation that causes you to fear for your life, you’ll know what panic feels like. You may have an overwhelming sense of dread, you’ll feel your heart thumping in your chest, and you’ll find it hard to catch your breath.

For some people, this feeling and the associated symptoms can happen for no reason in everyday life. With no physical threat, this rush of psychological and physical symptoms is called a panic attack. While there may be no sign of danger, the body reacts in order to survive. Some people may experience a panic attack suddenly or during a particularly stressful time in their life. Others, however, may have a panic disorder, in which panic attacks and intense anxiety are common occurrences.

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