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The aim of hypnosis for childbirth, or hypnobirthing as it is commonly known, is to help you give birth in a relaxing, calm environment free from stress, anxiety or fear. Being anxious, tense and stressed during labour can prevent the birthing muscles of your body from working as they should. The hope is that by attending hypnobirthing classes, you can learn techniques to foster a sense of calm and tranquillity. 

What will hypnobirthing teach me?

One of the essential parts of hypnobirthing is looking at birth in a positive light. For some mothers, hearing horror stories of other people’s experiences, reading up on what ‘could’ go wrong and expecting pain can increase anxiety. Instead, hypnobirthing classes will encourage positive language, such as: 

  • ‘surges’ or ‘tightening’, not ‘contractions’

  • ‘practice labour’, not ‘false labour’

  • ‘birth breathing’, not ‘pushing’

With this foundation, your classes will comprise self-hypnosis techniques, visualisation and breathing exercises. These are designed to help you gain control, reduce stress and ease anxiety. You may also learn about the ideal positions for birth to help shorten the length of labour and assist your body’s natural functions. You will likely be given materials to take home, too, so you can practice outside of the classroom.

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