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Hypnotherapy for eating problems


Hypnotherapy can be especially helpful for those who struggle with eating too much in a short space of time - often referred to as binge eating. For some people, it can feel like a compulsion to keep eating, or as though they cannot stop until all of the food on their plate is gone. Uncovering past events that may have triggered or influenced your relationship with food may be done through analytic hypnotherapy or regression techniques.

If your struggles with eating are very behaviour-orientated, it can feel like you are trapped in a cycle. Hypnotherapy can be used to make positive suggestions to the subconscious to help break this pattern. Helping to build confidence and improve self-esteem, the aim of hypnotherapy for eating problems is to improve your relationship with food and yourself.

Reducing stress and anxiety is another key way hypnotherapy can help. Often those with eating problems find symptoms are exacerbated by stress. Relaxation techniques can also help people continue with this work outside of their sessions.

Do I have an eating problem?

Eating disorders are serious conditions where an unhealthy attitude towards food can take over your life and affect your physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. While most commonly affecting young women aged 13 to 17, they can affect anyone at anytime. Seeking early intervention and diagnosis can significantly increase your chance of recovery. 


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