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Hypnotherapy for fertility


Studies show hypnotherapy is a beneficial complementary therapy in a fertility journey. However, a hypnotherapist will also work with you to help you in many other ways, such as managing the emotions that often arise when trying to conceive.

If there is an issue preventing you from moving forwards, such as previous trauma creating problems with intimacy or a fear of needles stopping you from taking the next medical intervention, a hypnotherapist with experience in these areas will help you. 

How does hypnotherapy for fertility work?


In October 2003, the Fertility and Sterility Journal published a small, uncontrolled clinical study titled ‘Treatment of functional hypothalamic amenorrhea (FHA) with hypnotherapy’. The objective was ‘to determine the effects of hypnotherapy on resumption of menstruation in patients with functional hypothalamic amenorrhea (FHA).’

12 women with FHA of an average age of 26, with a history of amenorrhea of at least six months' duration, participated in the hypnotherapy trial. The participants had one session of hypnotherapy with a duration of 45–70 minutes. During the hypnotherapy session, the participants received a very thorough overview of hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapist used metaphorical visualisations and posthypnotic suggestions within the session.

After 12 weeks, nine of the participants reported the onset of menstruation. One participant fell pregnant after the first menstruation, three experienced a regular cycle length, two had a slightly longer cycle length, and the remaining three menstruated once. All participants spoke about the positive side effects of the hypnotherapy session.


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