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Hypnotherapy for confidence


Low self-confidence is something many of us suffer from. It can be a result of many factors, such as fear of the unknown, low self-esteem, or fear of how other people see us. This lack of confidence can hold us back from developing both personally and professionally. Here we explore how hypnotherapy can help us build confidence.



Have you ever met someone who, despite constant reassurance and approval, lacks confidence in their abilities? This happens because our unconscious mind holds a set of beliefs about us that stay the same regardless of external factors. So a musician who believes deep in their unconscious that they have a terrible voice will likely avoid performing, even if people tell them they have a great voice.

So, how do we overcome these deep-seated beliefs? As these beliefs dwell in our unconscious, this is where the change must take place.

Hypnotherapy accesses the unconscious mind and uses the power of suggestion to facilitate positive change. These suggestions can be tailored to help improve confidence levels. Generally, these suggestions will be positive and made in the present tense. For example, the phrase "you feel confident in everything you do" would be used rather than "you no longer doubt yourself". The theory behind this is that the unconscious can't differentiate between "you have" and "you no longer have".

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